Yes, we would love for you to join the Elwood Angling Club!

The cost of membership for 2019/2020 is:

  • $125 Single
  • $135 Family
  • $35 Country
  • Locker $15

How to Join

We have a fortnightly, Thursday night, meeting which commences at 8pm. Come down and enjoy the atmosphere and find out more about becoming a member.

Applicants are expected to attend at least two meetings at which time their application will be considered by the Committee and they will be advised if their membership is approved. Once approved, you will be asked to pay the applicable fees.

The dates of upcoming meetings are listed in the “Meeting Dates” tab.

For more information, please email the Honorary Secretary: [email protected]

Expectations of the club/member

We expect our members to have a genuine interest in Angling and to contribute to the club in whatever way they can. Members are encouraged to attend fortnightly meetings, participate in competitions, suggest improvements for the club and ideas for guest speakers and activities, share their fishing reports or fishing news, assist with community events, working bees and enjoying social activities from time to time.

Your conduct is a reflection of our club.

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